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For over half a century, Milltronics has been at the forefront of the CNC machine industry, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. With a remarkable track record that includes the installation of more than 14,000 machines across the globe, The Milltronics reputation speaks for itself. Customers who have chosen Milltronics often highlight the superior build quality, comprehensive standard features, and exceptional value our machines offer. Nestled in the manufacturing heart of Indianapolis, Indiana, Milltronics USA is a proud member of the Hurco Companies Machine Tool Group.

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Central to Milltronics' distinction in the CNC machine industry is their proprietary control system, renowned for its simplicity and user-friendliness. This pivotal strength lies in offering users the versatility to select between conversational programming, G-code, or the integration of a CAM system for part programming. This adaptability caters to a broad spectrum of user preferences and expertise levels, making Milltronics machines accessible to a wide range of professionals from various sectors. The company’s portfolio includes an extensive array of CNC machines, such as the precision Toolroom Mills for intricate projects, Combo Lathes that combine the functionality of a lathe and a mill for efficiency, Vertical Machining Centers designed for complex milling operations, Slant Bed Lathes that provide superior rigidity for high precision, and Bridge Mills that offer large scale precision machining capabilities. Together, these machines exemplify Milltronics' commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions across the spectrum of manufacturing needs. Milltronics produces the following types of CNC machines:
  • Toolroom Mills
  • Combo Lathes
  • Vertical Machining Centers
  • Slant Bed Lathes
  • Bridge Mills

Used Milltronics Tool Room Mills

  • Milltronics TRM3016
  • Milltronics VK4II
  • Milltronics MB20
  • Milltronics RH20
  • Milltronics RH30
  • Milltronics RH33

Used Milltronics CNC Mills

  • Milltronics VM2515
  • Milltronics VM3018
  • Milltronics VM4020
  • Milltronics VM5020
  • Milltronics VM5020EZ
  • Milltronics VM3018IL
  • Milltronics VM4222IL
  • Milltronics VM5025IL
  • Milltronics VM6030IL
  • Milltronics VR4325XP
  • Milltronics VM5025XP
  • Milltronics VM6030XP
  • Milltronics BR5100IL
  • Milltronics BR6100IL
  • Milltronics BR6150IL
  • Milltronics BR8100IL
  • Milltronics BR8150IL
  • Milltronics BR8200IL

Used Milltronics Combination Lathes

  • Milltronics ML16/40
  • Milltronics ML18/60
  • Milltronics ML22/60
  • Milltronics ML26/40
  • Milltronics ML26/80
  • Milltronics ML26/120
  • Milltronics ML26/160
  • Milltronics ML35/80
  • Milltronics ML35/120
  • Milltronics ML35/160
  • Milltronics ML35/200
  • Milltronics ML35/240
  • Milltronics ML40/80
  • Milltronics ML40/120
  • Milltronics ML40/160
  • Milltronics ML40/200
  • Milltronics ML40/240

Used Milltronics CNC Lathes

  • Milltronics SL6-II
  • Milltronics SL8-II
  • Milltronics SL10-I