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Star CNC Swiss-type Automatic Lathes are the backbone of industries that demand nothing less than the utmost accuracy and efficiency. Serving sectors critical to progress and innovation, such as medical, aviation, and metalworking, these machines stand at the forefront of technology. With Star CNC, a name that has pioneered excellence in the machine tool industry for over six decades, ensures that customers’ success echoes our own. At Premier Equipment we have the right used Star CNC machine for your next project.

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Used Star CNC Machines

Star CNC Machine Tool Corp., a division of the globally esteemed Star Micronics Co., Ltd., represents the pinnacle of innovation in the machine tool industry. Established in 1948, Star CNC has built a legacy as a leading provider of superior technology coupled with unparalleled service, making them a beacon of excellence in the production of small, complex, and precise metal components. Their Swiss-type turning machines, known for their meticulous engineering, are not just tools but embodiments of precision and reliability, designed to meet the exacting demands of today’s fast-paced, 24/7 production environments.

Mission of Star CNC

Their mission at Star CNC is clear: to incessantly push the boundaries of what is possible, crafting fast, efficient, high-quality machines that are both reliable and robust. These machines are not just built to perform but to outlast, engineered to manage the rigorous demands posed by continuous production cycles without compromising on performance or quality.

What sets Star CNC machines apart is not just their unparalleled efficiency or their robustness; it's their holistic approach to machine dynamics, ergonomics, safety, and environmental sustainability. Their engineers are committed to innovating not only in terms of machine capabilities but also ensuring that these machines contribute to safer, more ergonomic work environments and promoting green manufacturing processes.

Beyond the machines themselves, Star CNC's application engineers stand ready to assist customers in finding the perfect machine solution. Whether seeking an off-the-shelf unit or a custom-configured machine, their team is dedicated to maximizing production efficiency and driving cost savings, ensuring that each purchase is not merely a transaction but a step towards revolutionizing production workflows.

Star is ready to meet your project needs

In essence, Star CNC is more than just a provider of machine tools—it's a partner in innovation, ready to meet the dynamic and demanding needs of the machine tool industry today, tomorrow, and beyond. Their commitment to excellence, drive for innovation, and dedication to service redefine what is possible in the realm of precision machining, making Star CNC a name synonymous with reliability, efficiency, and technological superiority.


  • Star SB-12R
  • Star SB-16R
  • Star SB-20R
  • Star SR-10J
  • Star SR-20J
  • Star SR-20JII
  • Star SR-20R IV
  • Star SR-32J
  • Star SR-32JII
  • Star SR-38
  • Star SR-38J
  • Star ST-20
  • Star ST-38
  • Star SV-20R
  • Star SV-38R
  • Star SW-12R ll
  • Star SW-20
  • Star ECAS-20
  • Star ECAS-32T
  • Star SB-16
  • Star SB-16D
  • Star SB-16E
  • Star SC-20
  • Star SR-20R II
  • Star SV-12
  • Star SV-20
  • Star SV-32
  • Star SV-32J II