6 of the Most Common CNC Machines

Whether you work in the electronics industry or medical industry, you’ve probably used a CNC machine before or will use one in the future. CNC machines are specialized tools that use some sort of software or program to cut through materials.


The type of material a CNC machine can cut through depends on its design. Some of these machines are designed to cut through wood while others can cut through steel. The type of CNC machine that’s best for your purposes depends on a variety of factors, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with how these machines differ from each other. Here are six of the most common types of CNC machines and the industries that most frequently use them.


  1. CNC Router


A CNC router is very similar to the handheld routers used in many different industries. But unlike a handheld router, a CNC router can be programmed to cut specific designs into the intended material. The typical CNC router has the ability to cut through foam, aluminum, steel, composites, plastic or wood.


CNC routers are commonly used in the wood-crafting, crafts and metalworking industries. They make it easy to create intricate patterns, messages or designs in various materials.


  1. CNC Lathe


A CNC lathe is used for many different production processes. It cuts pieces as they rotate to create precisely designed products and tools. When compared to manual lathes, CNC lathes are much more efficient and precise. They are also surprisingly compact, thanks to their design and minimal axes.


CNC lathes use similar controls as CNC mills. They are commonly used for machining parts and are popular in the electronics, firearm manufacturing, automotive, sporting and aerospace industries.


  1. CNC Plasma Cutter


A CNC plasma cutter uses a plasma torch (instead of a blade or other traditional cutting tools) to slice through materials. It’s a pretty fun process to watch (from a distance). The plasma gets very hot, reaching temperatures as high as 40,000⁰ F.


The plasma is so hot that it can melt any material it encounters. It blows away molten metal from the cutting site. A CNC plasma cutter can only be used to create two-dimensional shapes, but it’s valuable for a variety of industries, including automotive repair and restoration, salvage and scrapping operations, fabrication shops and more.


  1. CNC Milling Machine


One of the most common types of CNC machines is the CNC milling machine. Like the other CNC machines, the milling machine uses computer controls to cut through different materials. It uses a spindle to cut through things and can perform a variety of functions such as tapping, milling, drilling, shoulder milling and turning.


A CNC mill is quite large and can be very expensive. For that reason, some professionals may choose to look for a used CNC mill. Some of the industries that currently use CNC milling machines include the automotive, agricultural, medical, energy and aeronautic industries. The military also uses CNC milling technology to create weapons.


  1. CNC Laser Cutter


CNC laser cutters work similarly to CNC plasma cutters. However, laser cutters use lasers to cut through hardwood, metals and plastic. The laser intensity can be adjusted as needed to appropriately cut through different materials.


Industries that commonly use CNC laser cutters include the jewelry, medical device manufacturing, silicon manufacturing, medical device manufacturing, silicon manufacturing, and die, mold and tool industries.


  1. CNC Electric Discharge Machine


If you’re looking for used CNC machines that can help you create precise holes, slots or grooves in various materials, you may want to consider a used CNC electric discharge machine. This type of machine is also known as an EDM and can create specific shapes in materials by using electric discharges.


This machine can create very precise and intricate shapes, which is why it’s so desirable for a wide variety of industrial uses.


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