DMG Mori CTX Gamma 3000TC (2012)

DMG Mori CTX Gamma 3000TC for sale
Multi-Axis CNC Turning Center
Specifications (subject to buyer verification):
Work area:
Swing dia. Max. 27.6″
Turning dia. Max. 34.6″(27.6)
Turn-Mill Spindle Carrier (Top)
Cross travel (X1) 25.6″(-0.8)
Vertical travel(Y1) +/-7.9″
Longitudinal travel (Z1) 120.1″
Turret Slide (Bottom)
Cross travel (X2) 8.3″
Longitudinal travel (Z2) 112.2″
Main Spindle:
Spindle head (Flat flange) A15
Spindle dia. in the front bearing 8.7″
Clamping chuck 15.7″/19.7″|19.7/24.8
Drive Power (40/100%DC) (HP/AC) 69.7/53.8|79.1/67.1
Max. Rotation 2000 RPM
Counter Spindle:
Spindle dia. in the front bearing 5.1″|(6.3)
Chuck 9/8″/12.4|12.4-19.7″
Drive Power (40/100% DC) HP (AC) 60.3/46.9|(69.7/63.6)
Torque max. (40/100% DC) Ft/Lbs 567.9/442.5|(1622.2/1253.9)
Max. Rotation Speed 4000 RPM
Feed drive AC, Slide 1, Rapid traverse X/Y/Z 1574.8/1574.8/1818.1
Turning-milling Spindle:
Tool reception HSK-63A (HSK-100)
Spindle speed Max. 12,000|(18,000) RPM
Drive power (40 DC) 20/5|(30.8)|(42.9)HP
Torque Max. (40 DC) Ft/Lbs 73.8|(77.4)|106.9)
B-Axis (Torque Drive)
Swivel range (B) 240 deg.
Torque, Max. (40% DC) 2,065.2 ft/lbs
Hydraulic clamping 2,950.2 ft/lbs
Tool Magazine:
Number of tools 80
Tool length 550mm
Tool weight G1/G2 25 kg
Tool diam., Max. (with pocket empty) 110/1140mm
Tool mount (turret, Bottom)
Number of tool stations 12
Driven tool stations 12
Shaft diam. (according to DIN 69880) 1.6″
Drive power (40% DC) 12.6 HP
Torque Max (40% DC) 22.1 ft/lbs
Tail stock (automatically traversable) 112.2″
Center location MT6
Max. Tailstock pressure 5,620.2 lbf

Equipped With (subject to buyer verification):
Siemens 840D CNC Control & 5-Axis Simultaneous Machining 42.9/60.3 HP
Heavy Duty Turn/Mill Spindle with increased Torque HSK 100
80 Position Automatic Tool Changer
Main Spindle HP (67/79 HP) 2000 RPM Spindle, 127mm, 4.9″Inner Dia. of draw Tube
Counter Sub Spindle (46.9/60.9 HP) 104mm, 4.09″ Dia. of Draw Tube
Full C-Axis and Hydraulic Chucking Cylinder
600 Liter Coolant System 20 Bar/290 PSI
Tailstock Function for Sub Spindle, Mechatronic Control of the supporting force
Programmable slide for Steady Rest 4.92″-18.11″
20″ 3-Jaw Chuck on Main Spindle & 16″ 3-Jaw Chuck on Sub Spindle