Used Mazak CNC Mill

At Premier Equipment, we offer a wide range of used Mazak mills to meet the varying needs of our customers. Mazak machines provide precision and efficiency in various manufacturing processes. Our selection includes both horizontal and vertical mills, allowing for versatility in production capabilities. With our extensive inventory and knowledgeable team, we are confident that we can help you find the perfect used Mazak mill for your specific needs. Read on to learn more about the benefits of choosing a used Mazak mill from Premier Equipment.

used mazak mill for sale

Vertical Mills from Mazak

The Benefits of Vertical Mills from Mazak

Vertical mills from Mazak are designed to deliver superior performance and versatility with their advanced 3-, 4-, and 5-axis capabilities, providing infinite possibilities for the shapes you can process. These mills ensure temperature stability through integral cooling systems, which are essential for maintaining precision during prolonged operations. Additionally, they are equipped with MX Hybrid Roller Guides that not only enhance durability but also ensure long-term accuracy, making them ideal for continuous use.

On-board probing systems facilitate efficient part location and feature inspection within the cutting cycle, reducing downtime and ensuring quality control. Mazak's user-friendly CNC controls simplify the programming process, thereby increasing productivity and reducing the learning curve for operators. Furthermore, the incorporation of pallet changers significantly boosts spindle utilization and minimizes part cycle times, streamlining the manufacturing process and maximizing output.

Vertical Mills by Mazak Model

Series Features Spindle Options ATC Capacity Series Range
VC-Ez Series Kentucky-built performance combines Mazak quality and reliability with space-saving efficiency at an affordable price. Designed to cover all machining needs with various spindle options, ATC capacities, and chip/coolant management solutions. 12K, 15K (CAT40) 30 or 50 tools 3-Axis vertical mills (VC-EZ 16, VC-EZ 20, VC-EZ 26)
VCN Series Offers world-class machines for everything from small lot job shops to high production environments. Features a robust C-frame and moving table design for exceptional performance and dependable service. 15K, 20K (CAT40, CAT40/BIG PLUS, CAT50, BT40) 30, 48, or 60 tools 3-Axis vertical mills, 5-Axis trunnion, 2-pallet changer
VTC Series Fixed table design vertical mill offering CAT40 and CAT50 spindle connections, multiple table sizes for larger workpieces, and optional table partition for added flexibility. 6K, 10K, 12K, 15K, 18K, 20K (CAT40, CAT50) 24, 40, or 48 tools 3-Axis vertical, 4-Axis rotary, optional configurations with table partition

Horizontal Mills from Mazak

Benefits of Horizontal Mills from Mazak

Mazak's horizontal mills offer a host of benefits that enhance productivity and versatility in any machine shop. One of the most notable advantages is their rigid design, which allows for fast acceleration and increased repeatability, ensuring highly accurate and efficient machining. These machines also boast large tool storage capacities that enable increased part-production versatility, making them adept at handling a wide range of projects. Various spindle speed and torque selections provide the flexibility to work with different materials, from lightweight aluminum to durable titanium.

The inclusion of 3-, 4-, and 5-axis capabilities opens up infinite possibilities regarding the part shapes you can process, making these mills incredibly versatile. Moreover, Mazak horizontal mills are equipped with MX Hybrid Roller Guides that deliver durability and reliability for long-term accuracy. Most models come standard with a two-pallet changer, which increases spindle utilization by allowing continuous machining. On-board probing for part location and feature inspection within the cutting cycle further simplifies the machining process and ensures precision. User-friendly CNC controls make programming straightforward, significantly boosting productivity. Additionally, these mills are configured for robot integration, facilitating unattended machining by enabling efficient loading and unloading processes. For shops looking to maximize efficiency, integrating these machines with Mazak's PALLETECH System allows for “lights out” operation, enabling ongoing production without constant supervision.

Series Features Spindle Options Tool Capacity Spindle Speeds Table/Pallet Sizes
HCN Series The HCN Series of horizontal mills from Mazak is designed for high-rigidity construction, enabling high-accuracy, high-speed machining. Table sizes range from 400mm to 500mm and pallet sizes from 400mm to 1250mm, providing flexibility for various operational demands. CAT 40, CAT 40/BIG PLUS, CAT 50, CAT 50/BIG PLUS, HSK-A63, HSK-A100 40 to 348 tools 6k to 30k Table: 400mm to 500mm; Pallet: 400mm to 1250mm
HCR Series The HCR Series integrates Mazak's expertise in simultaneous 5-axis and horizontal machining centers. Featuring five axes, this series supports intricate machining processes. Pallet sizes range from 500mm to 630mm, ensuring robust performance for diverse job requirements. CAT 40, CAT 40/BIG PLUS, HSK-A63 40 to 348 tools 12k to 30k Pallet: 500mm to 630mm