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Used CNC lathe machines revolutionize material shaping by spinning a block of material against a drill bit, presenting a method essentially opposite to drilling. They excel in various applications, including:

  • Turning: A machining process that rotates a workpiece while a cutting tool moves in a linear motion, removing material to create cylindrical parts.
  • Facing: Removing material from the end of a workpiece to produce a flat surface.
  • Grooving: Cutting a groove or channel on the surface of a workpiece.
  • Parting: Cutting off a piece of a workpiece to separate it into two parts.
  • Threading: Cutting threads on the inside (tapping) or outside (thread cutting) of a workpiece to create a screw-like pattern.
  • Drilling: Using a drill bit to create round holes in a workpiece.
  • Boring: Enlarging a hole or cylindrical cavity made by a previous process or creating taper holes.
  • Knurling: A process of pressing a pattern onto a round surface for grip.
  • Tapping: Cutting internal threads in a hole to accommodate a bolt or screw.

Benefits of Used CNC Lathes:

Used CNC lathes come with numerous advantages, such as:

  • Simulation Visualization: Allows for a simulated preview of the machining process.
  • Ease of Use: Requires less intimate knowledge of the machine’s operation.
  • Operational Efficiency: Can be set up and operated by a single individual.

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Benefits: Swiss Lathes are designed to deliver extreme accuracy, which makes it perfectly suited for handling slender workpieces that require precise workmanship. Furthermore, its fast cycle times enhance operational efficiency by allowing for more tasks to be completed in less time, thereby significantly boosting productivity. This combination of precision and speed makes it an invaluable asset in any workflow that values both quality and efficiency.

Popular Brands:

  • Citizen: A renowned brand known for its precision machinery and watches, offering innovative and reliable products.
  • Tsugami: A world-class producer of high-precision machine tools, focusing on CNC automatic lathes and machining centers.


Benefits: 2 axis CNC lathes, equipped with X and Z axes, are specifically designed for effectively handling round parts. This configuration allows for the material to be cut as it rotates, which is a key factor in ensuring precision and efficiency throughout the manufacturing process. By focusing on these two axes, the machine can perform intricate cutting tasks with high accuracy, making it an indispensable tool in environments where precision is paramount.


Benefits: 3 axis CNC lathes are capable of machining curves, allowing for intricate designs and shapes in the manufacturing process. Additionally, it may include multiple spindles, enabling the creation of complex parts with precision and efficiency. This capability enhances the versatility and productivity of manufacturing operations.


Benefits: 4-axis CNC lathes are technologically advanced machines equipped with a rotary C-axis, which enables them to perform not only traditional lathe operations but also milling and contouring. This added functionality allows for the precise machining of complex parts in a single setup, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in manufacturing processes.


Benefits: The 5 axis lathe distinguishes itself from traditional lathes by including extra axes, labeled XYZAC or XYABC, which allow for cutting at various angles. This added functionality makes it one of the most versatile and efficient machines on the market, capable of executing complex machining tasks with precision and speed. Its ability to perform angle cuts with high accuracy makes it an invaluable tool in industries requiring detailed and intricate work.

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