Used CNC Lathes

Modern used CNC lathes provide a simulated visualization of the machine’s process and require less intimate knowledge of CNC operation than older types. They can be set and operated by the same person, enhancing your productivity. Premier Equipment keeps the top used CNC lathes brands in our inventory like Mazak, Mori Seiki, Okuma, Haas and Doosan.


What They Do: CNC used lathe machines spin a block of material against a drill bit—essentially the opposite of a drill.

Benefits of Used Lathes:

  • Provides a simulated visualization of the machine’s process
  • Requires less intimate knowledge of the machine than older types
  • Can be set and operated by the same person
  • Popular CNC Lathes Brands: Mazak Lathes, DMG Mori Lathes, Mori Seiki Lathes, Okuma Lathes, Haas Lathes, Doosan Lathes, Hyundai-Wia Lathes, Hwacheon Lathes, Hurco Lathes, Nakamura-Tome Lathes, Johnford Lathes, Chevalier Lathes, Ganesh Lathes, Samsung Lathes, Mighty Viper Lathes and Weiler Lathes


Benefits of Swiss-Style CNC Lathes:

  • Provides extreme accuracy
  • Ideal for slender workpieces and small-diameter parts
  • Capable of fast cycle times
  • Popular Swiss-Style CNC Lathe Brands: Citizen Lathes, Star Lathes, Tsugami Lathes, Miyano Lathes, Nomura Lathes, KSI Lathes, Hanwa Lathes and Tornos Lathes